Many of the arteries for living which support the foundation for urban environments in modern society, such as water supplies, sewage systems, information communication cables, electricity cables, and gas pipes, are buried underground where they cannot be seen. These underground arteries of the city that are arranged in the manner of a complex net have become essential to our lives. Now imagine that even if only a single water pipe is severed, such could cause trouble in our everyday lives… For people to be able to continue leading a safe and comfortable everyday life. Through construction work of developing foundations for urban environments, SUN・SHIELD Inc. will not only efficiently support urban functionality with high-quality and highly reliable advanced technologies but also continue to contribute to society by providing appropriate after service and maintenance after construction.


We will realize development of safe infrastructures with a high degree of quality control based on our quality management system (ISO9001) and advanced technology of the RAMSUS construction method.
ISO9001 : 2008(JIS Q 9001:2008)
ISO14001 : 2004(JIS Q 14001:2004)


By promoting technological advancements and providing sincere correspondence in response to the changing needs and quality requirements of customers, we aim to be a reliable company.


In addition to the development of infrastructures across Japan, we develop the RAMSUS construction method in various countries throughout Asia aiming for economic development to promote a wide range of social contributions.


The Pipe Jacking method is a construction method with which, like a mole, it is possible to freely dig through the ground underneath our city. The Pipe jacking method involves construction work of digging a hole horizontally and installing a pipeline from vertical holes which are referred to as the launch shaft and reception shaft. As this method does not occupy the entire section for the construction work, it is possible to reduce the effects on transportation and the everyday lives of citizens thus being advantageous in terms of urban environmental measures. The Pipe jacking comprises the use of a variety of equipment and requires a high level of construction techniques, accurate measurement techniques, and extensive knowledge of geology and water quality. With a history of many years of experience, The Pipe jacking clears these requirements for such technologies at a high level to provide safe and high-quality lifelines.




Our lineup of Pipe Jacking machines and peripheral equipment includes a wide variety to cover the needs of various applications.




By performing the work of maintaining and managing lifelines, we will build designs and construction that take the environment into consideration. From the rectification of old pipes to the removal of clogged water supply pipes of houses, apartments, and condominiums, we will make use of the most advanced technologies to provide a comfortable living environment.


Shield Construction

The shield construction method is a construction method in which segments are assembled to the rear of the excavator and the boring is performed while using these segments as its reactive force. As the main body of the excavator is constantly pushed forward, this places no limit on the digging distance while also making it possible to tunnel complex curves and large diameters. This method is widely used in the construction work of facilities such as subways, undersea tunnels, and multi-purpose utility conduits.


A large difference between the Pipe Jacking method and the shield construction method is that while the shield construction method involves directly pushing the excavator forward with a hydraulic jack, assembling segments within the shield machine, and moving forward by using these segments as its reactive force, with the Pipe Jacking method, Pipe Jacking machine and shield pipes are directly pushed forward with a base-pushing jack installed in the launch shaft. Which construction method is to be used is comparatively evaluated based on the distance, position, and shape of the pipeline.



In order to respond to the needs of society at our own factory, we will take the environment into consideration and incorporate the most advanced technologies in conducting the “design, production, improvement, and maintenance” of construction machinery and excavators, etc. By making use of the know-how acquired on the construction sites, we also conduct the “design and development” of in-pipe automatic surveying machines, high-output motors, wind-powered generators, and mud creating materials for construction.



In order to reduce the emission of byproducts of construction work, we have developed the reflux-type mud separation system “ECOPHOENIX” and are promoting construction work that takes the environment into consideration. ECOPHOENIX is a system that satisfies the environmental and economic needs of such as “reduction of industrial waste”, “recycling of resources”, “improvement of safety and productivity”, and “reduction of costs” by circulating and separating excavated soil from the slurry used for the construction work.sun-en-eco-001



Company Name : SUN・SHIELD Inc.

Headquarters : 28 Shiroawara, Sakuraicho Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture 444-1154 Phone : +81-566-99-6860 Date of Establishment : March 9th, 1987 Stated Capital : 50 million yen

Business Activities : [Construction and Management]
– General civil engineering work
– Shield construction, Pipe Jacking
– Small-bore Shield construction, small-bore Pipe Jacking
– Chemical injection work
– Building work
– Pavement work
– Water facility construction work
– Landscaping work
– Pipe work
– Paint work

[Machine Design, Manufacturing, and Sales]
– Shield machine, Pipe Jacking machine
(Patented RAMSUS construction method)
– Industrial waste processing plant
– Underground surveying system
[Investigation, Inspection, and Management]
– Water supply and sewage pipes and industrial water pipes
– Analysis and investigation of components and strength of concrete and steel structures
Designing and consultation services for the abovementioned construction work

Management Policies
– To act quickly, precisely, and sincerely in any situation.
– To always act with awareness for increasing sales, expanding profits, and reducing costs.
– To strive for ingenuity and raise the level of awareness and technology of research and development.
– To move forward with dreams, romance, and a vision.
– To act boldly with pride as a member of our company.